2023: It is about time “Sincerely Set” Segun Showunmi runs for Ogun governorship

2023: It is about time “Sincerely Set” Segun Showunmi runs for Ogun governorship

By Issa Itopa Lucky

Ogun State is a State that has indeed produced a handful of prominent names, some of which include the likes of former Governor Gbenga Daniel, late Senator Buruji Kashamu, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Hon. Segun Showunmi, to mention but a few.

Ogun State is currently governed by Dapo Abiodun, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Happenings within the political arena in Ogun State will reveal that one voice that is prominent at the moment is Hon. Segun Showunmi. Hon. Segun Showunmi has been a voice so prominent within the national circle. He is a member of the main opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He first rose to prominence when he was Senior Special Assistant (media) in the Gbenga Daniel-led Ogun State Government of 2003 to 2011. He would later be the Spokesperson of the Atiku Presidential Campaign Organisation of 2019. In the same 2019 he was a House of Representatives candidate under the platform of PDP. Today he is the Spokesperson of the former Vice President (Atiku Abubakar).

Going by the antecedents and fame of Hon. Segun Showunmi, it is clear that both in ideas and popularity he is perfect for an elective Executive office already. To this end, calls are all over the place from various quarters including on national fronts and abroad for Hon. Segun Showunmi to heed to calls to run for the governorship of Ogun State in 2023.

Hon. Segun Showunmi has shown already that he has workable plans as to how to turn Ogun State around for good. The plans are contained in his ideas which he usually tags with the hashtag #ResetOgun. #ResetOgun is Hon. Segun Showunmi’s thoughts on how Ogun can be better governed, but today, owing to the fact the thoughts are now a bank of ideas now enough to cite a Dubai in even the most backward State in Nigeria, #ResetOgun is now in itself, a compendium of a work plan that will make Ogun a perfectly-governed State when put into practice.

Hon. Segun Showunmi is a perfect hand to manage the affairs of Ogun State, come 2023. In fact, it is highly doubted if there is any household in Ogun State that does not know Hon. Segun Showunmi. If it is popularity, he has it already. He is a good manager of resources. He is passionate about the progress of his party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). He is an encyclopedia of facts and history. He is a visionary leader; he is a man of the people. He is a friend of everybody; he is famous among the highest and lowest in the society. Hon. Segun Showunmi is a man of concepts; he is a well-established communications expert. He is sincerely set to reset Ogun State for good.

Over the years, since APC took power in Ogun State, the State has been going backwards when compared with the point the State ought to be with time. Ogun State needs Hon. Segun Showunmi to take over the ship in 2023 and pilot it aright and reset the State on the right footing and take the State to the desired level it ought to be, compared to where it is at the moment.

Doubtless, Ogun State will be better governed with Hon. Segun Showunmi at the helm of affairs in the State. For somebody like him that has managed a national campaign a handful of times, he will have a perfect State campaign if given the chance to contest as a candidate.

He has been a proud member of the main opposition, PDP, even during the days when PDP was at its lowest point. Doubtless, Hon. Segun Showunmi is a prominent chieftain of the PDP in Ogun State. He is the man Ogun needs to actualize its potentials.

As a man of concepts, he came up with the idea of “sincerely set”, a concept that brings to mind the question of if it is possible for a person to be set for a people-saving mission and not be sincere about it. Yes, it is very possible. Take the state of Nigeria today for instance, it is clear that the APC as a party was in 2015 and even in 2019, set for power but not “sincerely set” to lead even a councillorship ward successfully. Today, the rest, they say is history, as the leadership of Nigeria under APC is a total theatre of the absurd and a sad tragicomedy that is better imagined.

Hence, to this end, Hon. Segun Showunmi comes to mind about the concept of leadership especially at a time like this that there is a deficit of leadership in the country. Under a Hon. Segun Showunmi leadership of Ogun State, Ogun State will flourish and be a State to reckon with not just in Southwest Nigeria but also in Nigeria entirely.

Indeed, it is about time already that “Sincerely Set” Hon. Segun Showunmi gives in to calls for him to run for Ogun State governorship office in 2023. He has all it takes. His image alone will fetch massive investments for the State. His leadership experience will take Ogun to greater height. At a time like this in which there is deficit of leadership in Southwest Nigeria, Hon. Segun Showunmi needs to get on board already and provide leadership in his own bit much as he is doing so in his own individual bit, a bit that will be well much more obvious if he is the Governor of his State, Ogun. Ogun is indeed having a goldmine of leadership in Hon. Segun Showunmi, they need him now to lead the State and 2023 is the time to make it happen.

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