Buhari as a possible end of APC

Buhari as a possible end of APC

By Issa Itopa Lucky

Since 2015 that the All Progressives Congress (APC) took over the reins of power from Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to be the ruling party in Nigeria, Nigerians have had their fair share of both the good sides and the bad sides of the APC administration in comparison to the PDP administration of between 2015 till date and 1999 to 2015 respectively.

For some, it is under APC that they found fortune compared to when PDP was in power. For some others, it was PDP-led Federal Government that has thus far favoured them.

Any which way it is viewed, the fact is clear by now that it is during this APC/Buhari-led Government that Nigeria became the headquarters of poverty, same as being one of the most terrorized nations on Earth, merely placing behind Afghanistan and Iraq in terms of global terrorism and insecurity index.

Before Buhari and his party, APC took over the reins of power in Nigeria in 2015, Nigerians were prided as one of the happiest people on Earth but now the unhappiness in the country is better imagined, especially when one factor in the rising cost of food, goods and services in the country since the advent of Buhari as President and APC as ruling party.

Be it all as it may, the big question however is will Buhari be the end of APC? Feelers have it that considering the rate of hardship in the country, it is obvious Buhari and his party, APC, have disappointed Nigerians for the two tenures they have been voted in thus far, of which they are in the second one at the moment.

On a lighter note, there is a theory that President Buhari has never actually used a party and the party survived, starting from 2003 that he first ventured into partisan politics with APP (All Peoples Congress).

To this end and more, coupled with the argument that APC was never prepared to govern but only prepared to wrestle power when it did in 2015, one can really imagine that APC may go away with Buhari in 2023. In fact, just like when football fans say “No Messi, No Barca”, it is safe to say “No Buhari, No APC”. If this theory is true, 2023 is closeby already for it to be put to test.

Besides, the intraparty politics of the ruling party is another cause for concern such that one will not be thinking out of place if one fears that the APC may never be able to come to a consensus as a party as 2023 general elections draw near. 

The continuous existence of the Mai Buni-led caretaker committee of the party is an indication according to some, that the governors in the party are inspite of Tinubu, the national leader of the party, trying to ensure they have their way on both who gets the chairmanship and presidential ticket of the party respectively in the build up to 2023.

The way and manner in which the party has fared thus far, one wonders if they are really on course to getting it right indeed with their structures across the country and at the national level before 2023, or if it is headed into oblivion along with the soon-to-end government of President Buhari whose non-renewable second term ends in 2023.

Many what ifs, many doubts as to if all is indeed well with the ruling party or if the party’s inability to hold its national convention thus far is already is a sign that it is merely buying time while it is possibly headed nowhere good in the build up to 2023.

Also the rate of internal wrangling in the party across many of its state structures is another cause for concern. The party internal workings seem to revolve around Buhari and just few persons, it is more of an administrative setting now than a democratic setting.

What will be, will be, any which way as the countdown to 2023 begins already; if APC will end possibly before Buhari’s tenure due to internal party strife or if it will simply lose power and go back to being opposition in 2023 when Buhari leaves office, it is for time and developments in the internal politics of the party to tell. On the other hand, if it will outlive Buhari’s tenure as Nigeria’s president, only time shall be able to tell.

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