Callers on TVC’s Journalist Hangout endorse Okorocha ahead of 2023 Presidency

Callers on TVC’s Journalist Hangout endorse Okorocha ahead of 2023 Presidency

Callers into the popular television programme ‘Journalists Hangout’ have identified the former Governor of Imo state; Sen. Rochas Anayo Okorocha as a formidable force in the race to the presidency come 2023.

A caller into the programme on Wednesday, identified as Dr Anas while calling into the programme which airs on national network of Television Continental (TVC) urged the south east region of Nigeria to queue up behind the Imo west lawmaker.

Dr Anas in his analysis charged politicians from the south east to borrow a leaf from what former Nigerian president did in 1998 when he came out and supported Alex Ekweme in Jos.
His words; “One of the potentials from the South East is Rochas Okorocha, but look at the way they want to be-little the gentleman before the international eye, and you could recall that in 1998, Shehu Shagari through the Turaki committee, came out and supported Alex Ekweme, he begged Jim Nwobodo to step down, was he ready to do that?

Even during the election of 2015, why was David Umahi accusing Atiku of picking someone from Anambra (Peter Obi), is that the way to go about it let them put their acts together.
“Has the south east even identified a candidate as at now, the South West has already identified a candidate and they are One, two, three, so that if this one fails they will bring this one, if this one fails they will bring this one; has south east done that’’.

Reacting to the comments of the caller, a regular voice on the popular political talk show, Babajide Otitoju said “The East must find a way to support one of their own, you saw what happened in Jos in 1998 with Alex Ekwueme , every time it appears that there is a strong candidate , and you see what they have done to Okorocha, this is a strong fact that Okorocha is some one that will be accepted across Nigeria, his hausa is far better than his Igbo, he grew up there and he has done philanthropy work across the North, and other parts of the country, so why are some people bent on bringing such a person down” he questioned.

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