Get involved to save Nigeria, Atiku Support Organisation urges Nigerian youths on International Youth Day

Get involved to save Nigeria, Atiku Support Organisation urges Nigerian youths on International Youth Day

A support group of Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Support Organisation (ASO) has called on Nigerian youths to rise up and get involved in the process of the country’s existence. The group explained that is a step needed to save Nigeria.

The group made this call on Nigerian youths on Thursday, in a media statement by Dr. El Mo Victor, its National Publicity Secretary.

The group said; “Today, on International Youth Day, we celebrate the talent, energy, potential, and power of the Nigerian young people to shape the future of our country, Africa, and the world at large. With over 70% of the population made up of youths, Nigeria has one of the world largest army of labor force, and manpower to fuel growth and development. His Excellency, Atiku Abubakar always holds firmly that Nigeria’s greatest asset is its youthful population, not oil. But since 2015, these assets, seen as a liability by the Buhari government have been abandoned and not properly harnessed for national development.

“Pre 2015, only 7.8% of the youths have no jobs. In the last 6 years of the APC Buhari-led government, youth unemployment skyrocketed to 53.4%, an astronomical and world record-breaking increase of almost 600%. This is obviously a recipe for disaster. A nation that failed to invest in its young people is only inviting destruction upon itself.”

“On a day like this, we call on young Nigerians to understand the enormous power they have in their hands to shape the destiny of Nigeria and to determine who become leaders of this great nation that is begging to be salvaged from the clutches of the All Progressive Congress and maladministration by the President Mohammadu Buhari government,” the group further stated.

El-Mo concluded the call by saying the youths cannot afford to continue to be bystanders and continue to bear the consequences of “the maladministration of the APC Buhari-led government.” He said the group encourages every youth to get involved actively in deciding the future of the country.

“Get your permanent voters card because your vote is your power,” El-Mo said on behalf of the Atiku support group organisation.

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