PDP: Plot To Remove Secondus Will Fail – Suswam

Gabriel Suswam

Former governor of Benue State Senator Gabriel Suswam has dismissed plots to remove the chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Uche Secondus saying the governors of the party are not inclined to sacking the party’s helmsman.

Suswam who is also chairman of the Senate Committee on Power, said the ploy to remove Secondus on grounds of lack of capacity are not true.

He added that while people are bound to have different opinions in a political family, the degree to which the calling for the PDP chairman’s removal will be matched by those who support his continued stay in office.

Speaking to LEADERSHIP on the moves to remove Secondus, Suswam said: “when they say capacity, I don’t understand. I don’t think the governors of PDP are planning to remove the chairman. Anytime there is a contest, people are bound to have different opinions and views as to what they want.

“So you have people who wants things done in certain ways. Politics is a game of numbers and conspiracies. So, if you have people who are conspiring to remove this chairman, there are also others who will conspire to retain the chairman. Until it is over, it is not over. We will have our convention at the end of this year. So, they are just agitated.”

Source: Leadership

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