The countdown to APC’s exit from power

The countdown to APC’s exit from power

By Issa Itopa Lucky

“Indeed…how art the mighty fallen” would have been a better caption for this piece. It was just yesterday, 2013, when the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC) was formed. A party that vowed to uphold rule of law if voted into power, later came to power and has in no little way, turned the law on its head within the six years it has done in power thus far.

Rising from the case of Jegede vs Akredolu, the Supreme Court faulted the capacity of Governor Mai Mala Buni to carry out any executive function in the APC. An act which is in contravention of section 183 of the Nigerian constitution (as amended) and Section 17(4) of the APC constitution.

Suffice to say the APC lost legal image right from the very moment Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State assumed duty as the acting Chairman of the party, much as they claim now that he is just a Convention Planning Committee head of the party. Mai Mala Buni has been acting as APC’s National Chairman since June 2020 when the Adams Oshiomhole-led National Working Committee (NWC) was controversially sacked by the NEC of the party in cahoots with President Buhari.

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Surrounded by lawyers; President Buhari and the APC as a party seem not to care about what the law says regarding anything really.

As a party in power, the APC is popular for disobeying court order. As a party, in terms of intraparty affairs, the party is famous for draconian tendencies. The party is fond of threatening its members. The party has come to regard President Buhari as a demigod who is a law unto himself in the party. Whenever the people in the APC who have the ears of President Buhari want to do something extreme, they get President Buhari to give his consent however ill-informed in subject matter, hence in President Buhari’s name they foist their will on party members and as usual urge and threaten members to queue behind the party anyway in the name of loyalty to President Buhari.

It is not as if one merely or incidentally have problem with the APC. There is a sad history Nigerians have of APC. For the average Nigerian, life under APC (2015 to 2023, going by the opinions of PDP and Mike Ozekhome SAN among others that have thus far expressed opinion on the implication of the Supreme Court judgement on Jegede vs Akeredolu) has thus far been a long walk at the gates of hell. Nigerians are now only left with countdown to APC’s legitimate exit from power in 2023, as APC has lost legitimacy in the eyes of the law. (Check Supreme Court judgement of Jegede vs Akeredolu, 2021)

It is already time to start saying congratulations in advance to all fellow Nigerians as life under APC has thus far been hell in disguise. It is safe to say that God has indeed risen and caused confusion in the camp of APC and has taken the party (APC) out of legitimate existence ahead of 2023, in the process.

Now, Nigerians can start planning and looking forward to living normal life again, come 2023 when APC expectedly hands over power across the country to go and put their house in legitimate order or dissolve and exit the Nigerian dictionary of nationhood once and for all.

Indeed and of a truth, Nigerians deserve to be happy again. Expectedly, Nigerians will be happy again, come 2023 as APC takes its exit from power, according to the calculations of PDP, the main opposition party.

It is less than 670 days to President Buhari handing over power to whoever his successor will be. When Buhari and expectedly, APC, exit power in 2023, the jubilation that will hit the streets of Nigeria in such instance is likely to be more than how Nigerians jubilated when Nigeria’s former Head of State, General Sani Abacha, died in 1998.

Nigerians have every reason to come up with a countdown to the exit of APC from Government. Under the APC, Nigerians have witnessed unbearable levels and forms of hardship. The cost of goods in the market is skyrocketing by the day. The Naira is fast-losing value in the foreign exchange market. The insecurity in the land today under APC is another strong indication that the APC has indeed failed Nigerians. The rate of insecurity is so much in the country that so-called bandits are able to bring down fighter jets.

What was supposed to be mere criminality is turning out an art of war as so-called bandits brandish weapons that are nothing short of weapons of war. Under the APC, life is so cheap that being alive is now luxury. The rate of insecurity in the country is so much so that it is becoming clear by the day that agents of insecurity and bandits and their cohorts are obviously over-running the country and to such end, the security apparatus of the country is over-stretched.

Under the APC, the Government has waged war against the media. From time to time the government has come up with subtle proclamations and bills that seek to gag the media, while the country is yet a democratic setting.

Considering all these anomalies that have enveloped Nigeria and Nigerians since APC came to power in 2015, by 2023 when for legal missteps of the APC, the APC will be out of power and Nigerians will be free from the grip of the party for the first time since 2015, there is a need to once again, say congratulations in advance to all fellow Nigerians as the countdown to 2023 commences already.


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