Tinubu presidency clamour and the Sunday Igboho factor in southwest

Tinubu presidency clamour and the Sunday Igboho factor in southwest

By Issa Itopa Lucky

The stage is getting set for 2023 presidency but one thing that has rather become a cause for concern is Tinubu’s chances of clinching the highest office in Nigeria in 2023.

First it was the invasion of Southwest by armed bandits and armed herdsmen, a situation that ultimately led to the struggle for and eventual establishment of Amotekun. As of this time and in all of this, Tinubu was criticized for not standing up for his people, the people of Yorubaland. Tinubu was alleged to have failed to have come heavy on the matter, due to his allegiance to President Buhari and his fear that President Buhari will frown at him and may in the process not support his 2023 presidency bid.

The next was EndSARS protest of 2020 which somehow had Tinubu as a target especially in the light of the Lekki tollgate shooting incident. Around then, properties alleged to be owned by Tinubu were targeted for attack, e.g the Nation Newspaper House, TVC building, among others.

Time and time again, Tinubu has infact not done enough to prove himself a leader in the Southwest region as expected, rather Ondo Governor who doubles as Chairman of Southwest Governors Forum and Southern Governors Forum respectively, Rotimi Akeredolu has been the leading voice of both the Southwest and the entire Southern region.

Another leading voice in Southwest is Ekiti Governor and Chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum, Kayode Fayemi.

What is however obvious is that aside the Sunday Igboho factor, Tinubu is not yet having key supports needed within the southwest region, as well, Tinubu has not shown enough that he can side with his region, the southwest region even if it will be in spite of the Buhari-led Federal Government.

The implication of the Sunday Igboho factor is that Sunday Igboho with his secession clamour has somehow stolen the “show of relevance” away from Tinubu among many others in terms of influential persons in southwest Nigeria at the moment.

In all of the dramas from the South, the North is watching with keen interest and the North is bothered as to how the leaders in the region are not able to calm the nerves in the region, especially as the clamour in the South is majorly about secession from Nigeria.

The fact of the matter is that the North feels low of the person of Tinubu at the moment in the light of his inability to as a supposed-to-be southwest leader, call Sunday Igboho and his secessionist followers to order.

The argument is that the personality of Tinubu who will want to be president of Nigeria should first show leadership by proving to be a rallying force to reckon with in his own region, Southwest Nigeria.

It is certain that Sunday Igboho’s secession clamours and threats of how there may be no any election in southwest Nigeria in 2023 is nothing short of a dent and an embarrassment on the expected leadership of Tinubu, a supposed-to-be southwest leader who yet has interest in the same election Sunday Igboho is trying to use to hold Nigeria to ransom.

It is indeed sad that the factors working against Tinubu are much more than the factors working for him in the build up to 2023.

Recent happenings within the scheming of his party, APC, whose national leader he is, shows that he is fast being edged out of the scheme of things.

It seems obvious that Tinubu is fast losing relevance in his party. Worst still, ahome in southwest, his region. In as much as President Buhari is involved in regards to Tinubu, Tinubu is seemingly not in the kitchen cabinet of President Buhari himself.

Tinubu’s obvious failure to step in on the secession clamour in southwest as well as his loud silence to weigh in on matters of national importance as placed in contention by the southwesterners and southerners in general is yet another stumbling block to Tinubu’s chances of emerging president in 2023, in as much as Nigerians in general are concerned.

It is even rumoured that in Ekiti APC, a party whose national leader Tinubu is, Ekiti Governor (Kayode Fayemi) does not want any party chapter member to be associated with the presidential campaign of TInubu. In fact, there are alleged stiff penalties for any EKiti APC member who shows support for Tinubu’s presidency clamour.

In the whole, while other issues that are basically political and perceptive, Tinubu’s failure to call Sunday Igboho to order is a serious challenge to the possibility of Tinubu emerging President of Nigeria in 2023. 

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